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High School basketball Polls

Welcome everyone to the "JB & Rocketman's" Boy's poll and Rocketman and Flounder's Girl's poll on our new website for Ohio high school sports......

We want everyone to feel right at home as we continue to bring you the best boy's and girl's high school rankings in the state!.........I promise to bring you the great insight and knowledge that I've garnered over many, many years of following this great game. I promise that this will fun to visit, and as we grow the new innovations that we bring will have you coming back for more......
First off to those of you who don't know, or haven't heard of the "Rocketman". I've been the other half of the "JB & Rocketman's" poll and Rocketman and Flounder's Girl's poll for over 5 years. We bring a style that's not only fun to read, but also give an impartial ranking to the teams involved. This poll involves a commitment to breaking down the door of the politics that goes with most polls. We begin our poll the first week of the season, and ask our readers to save this initial poll so that you can go back to see how we've done over the year. Other polls come out after some teams have completed nearly half their season.........Heck, anyone can do that!!

You can view our updated Boys and Girl's basketball Polls each Sunday night thought-out basketball season by going to the Girls and Boys Basketball Forums..............





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