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WBL Power Rankings After Week 7

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#1 baseballer4life

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Posted 07 October 2017 - 05:39 AM

1. St. Mary's (6-1) Still clear cut favorite
2. Celina (5-2) Big win over Wapak puts them in 2 spot
3. Wapak (4-3) Still remain above Elida since they beat them fairly easy
4. Elida (5-2) Still have Shawnee, Kenton & OF left
5. Kenton (3-4) Wildcats are getting stronger as season goes along.
6. OG (3-4) Their defense will keep them in every game.
7. Shawnee (3-4) Going wrong direction after a great start to the year
8. Van Wert (3-4) Can't quite finish games down the stretch
9. Defiance (1-6) Baseball season yet?
10. Bath (1-6) Umm I got nothing
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#2 Stafford

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Posted 08 October 2017 - 01:59 PM

This is a very good conference this year with more balance than in the last several years. Not as good at the top, not as bad near the bottom. Not sure how many teams make the playoffs, but I suspect St. Marys will finish 9-1 and get in.

1. St. Marys: talked to several area coaches and all said St. Marys is by far best team in WBL

2. Celina (5-2) lost to Elida who lost to Wapak
2. Wapak (4-3) lost to Van Wert, Celina, beat Elida
2. Elida (5-2) beat Van Wert and Celina, lost to Wapak

5. OG (3-4) Despite being on 3 QB for the season, still getting better and some wins

6. Kenton (3-4) Who have they beat? Anyone with a winning record?

7. Shawnee (3-4) Played the toughest part of the schedule. Would like to see them go at least 5-5

7. Van Wert (3-4) See #7

9. Defiance (1-6) Should be better, what's happened?

10. Bath (1-6) What is the deal over there?

#3 baseballer4life

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Posted 09 October 2017 - 07:59 AM

Stafford, you can't compare who beat who so there's not a 3-way tie for 2nd place. Celina is clearly the second best team in the WBL right now, but that could definitely change. We aren't talking about what happened in the past, we are talking about the current status of these teams. With that said, Celina is 2nd place because they just recently beat Wapak. Wapak then is 3rd because they beat Elida, and Elida is 4th because they gave up 63 points to St. Mary's, which is awful no matter who you are playing.
Kenton is ahead of OG because they have more quality wins and only lost to Coldwater by 7 points. OG has only beaten Bath, Shawnee and Defiance. I expect Shawnee gets back in the win column this week as they host Elida in a rivalry game.
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