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Week 4 Know It Alls?

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Posted 19 September 2013 - 07:23 PM

Wow. Last week was another tough one for most of the Know It Alls. But I guess it wouldn't be fun if we picked gimme games now would it? The namesake for this fine website has recaptured the lead in this 10 horse race, but for how long? There are a few right on his heels and with his age, us young guns should be able to overtake him.

Week 4 brings us in to League play. That means rivalry games. These games you can usually throw the records out. So without further ado, I give you the results from week 3.

Tim McDonough...7-3
Kyle Timmons...7-3
Jordan Strack...7-3

Jamie Baker...6-4

Joel Miller...5-5
Dave Boninsegna...5-5
Josh Morgret...5-5

Eric Kastner...4-6
Kevin Oberhaus...4-6



Jamie Baker...20-10
Kyle Timmons...20-10
Tim McDonough...20-10

Kevin Oberhaus...19-11

Eric Kastner...18-12
Joel Miller 18-12
Jordan Strack...18-12

Josh Morgret...16-14

Dave Boninsegna...15-15

Week 4 games....

2-1 Patrick Henry @ 3-0 Liberty Center
3-0 Arlington @ 3-0 Leipsic
1-2 Warren JFK @ 2-1 Pandora Gilboa
3-0 Woodmore @ 2-1 Eastwood
3-0 Lakota @ 0-3 Calvert
3-0 Wayne Trace @ 3-0 Ayersville
0-3 Tol St Johns @ 2-1 Tol St Francis
2-1 Columbian @ 3-0 Norwalk
2-1 Defiance @ 3-0 Celina
2-1 Delta @ 3-0 Wauseon

ROCKETMAN...Picker extraordinaire and interwebz mogul.

It looks like the RM is back after an off week as I believe I have vaulted back into the lead in the "Know it All" Contest.....

3-0 Liberty Center...........I know going against the Patsies is never a wise move.........but

3-0 Leipsic.....................yeah I know.......they just walloped PG last week and we all thought the Rockets were for real........well

2-1 Pandora Gilboa.........bounce back week vs a very average JFK outfit........playoffs are still a possibility with a win

2-1 Eastwood.................OK so the Woodies are undefeated.......not much longer

3-0 Lakota......................you ain't in Kansas any longer Toto.....

3-0 Wayne Trace ............Raiders of the Lost Arc are for real folks and they are pissed they missed the playoffs last season

0-3 Tol St Johns..............the Airport Johnnies can't be this bad, can they?.......we'll find out Friday night I guess

2-1 Columbian................If the Tornadoes entertain any post season thoughts, they have to take be like the Grateful Dead this weekend......."Truckin"

3-0 Celina.....................one of only 2 who picked Celina last week........I'm betting this won't be the case this weekend

3-0 Wauseon ...............not really caring how politically incorrect this sounds.......The Indians will scalp the Delta Phi's this week

Jamie Baker...Findlay Courier

Patrick Henry over Liberty Center -- Last year's game was a blowout for PH, this one will be much closer.

Arlington over Leipsic -- Will be the closest game of the season so far for the Red Devils. That's not saying much though after three blowouts.

Warren JFK over Pandora Gilboa -- I'm not sure you can get to Pandora from Warren.

Eastwood over Woodmore -- Tougher schedule so far gives the Eagles an edge in the NBC opener.

Calvert over Lakota -- Lakota's record is about as soft a 3-0 mark as you're ever going to see.

Wayne Trace over Ayersville -- This one may be for all the marbles in the GMC.

Tol St Francis over Tol. St. John's -- I guess maybe I figure the Frannies are due for a win over the Johnnies.

Columbian over Norwalk -- The Truckers aren't lining up against Western Reserve this week.

Celina over Defiance -- Is Celina a legit WBL contender? We'll find out this week.

Wauseon over Delta -- Indians in a nailbiter.

Tim McDonough....Defiance Crescent

2-1 Patrick Henry @ 3-0 Liberty Center - These two Henry County rivals just don't like each other and both are ranked this week . The Tigers will control the ground and get the win.

3-0 Arlington @ 3-0 Leipsic - Vikings are ranked No. 5 in D-VII, they'll live up to it with a narrow victory.

1-2 Warren JFK @ 2-1 Pandora Gilboa - Are Rockets for real? Warren JFK has played some close games and they're getting to 2-2.

3-0 Woodmore @ 2-1 Eastwood - Woodmore keeps it rolling in a tight affair.

3-0 Lakota @ 0-3 Calvert - Lakota has been feasting on losing teams, they won't feast on Calvert which gets it first win.

3-0 Wayne Trace @ 3-0 Ayersville - Both are 3-0, but Wayne Trace has too much firepower, I'll take the Raiders.

0-3 Tol St Johns @ 2-1 Tol St Francis - St. John's is 0-3, hard to believe. St. Francis send them to 0-4.

2-1 Columbian @ 3-0 Norwalk - I'll make it simple, don't know that much about these teams, but with a nickname like Truckers, I'll take Norwalk.

2-1 Defiance @ 3-0 Celina - A very good matchup in the WBL featuring similar teams. I'll like Defiance's experience on the road.

2-1 Delta @ 3-0 Wauseon - Mike Vicars has Delta on the fast-track to success, but Wauseon is better this year.

Kyle Timmons... www.sanduskycountylive.com

Patrick Henry over Liberty Center - PH's schedule has been a little tougher than LC's. Winning on the road isn't easy, but it can be done. PH 40, LC 20.

Arlington over Leipsic - The top two teams in Region 24 square off. Again, looking at opponents and results from the 1st 3 weeks helps me pick the road warriors this week. Arlington 46, Leipsic 20.

PG over Warren JFK - Don't know anything about Warren JFK, but they lost to an 0-2 team last week. PG 34, JFK 30.

Woodmore over Eastwood - I really can't believe I'm picking this way; however, until someone can stop Woodmore's offense, I'll pick them. Woodmore 35, Eastwood 28.

Calvert over Lakota - My heart wants to pick Lakota, but mistakes can be costly and Calvert will start MAL play with a much needed win. Senecas 34, Lakota 17.

Ayersville over Wayne Trace - Ayersville find a way to win in OT. Ayersville 34, WT 28 (OT)

St. John's over St. Francis - For some reason I feel like the Titans believe they can always beat this rival Knights' squad. SJ 28, St. Francis 20.

Norwalk over Columbian - This was a hard choice for me, but I had to pick someone. Norwalk 35, TC 33.

Celina over Defiance - Giving the home team the win. Celina 28, Defiance 21.

Wauseon over Delta - Wauseon's offense is just too hard to handle. Wauseon 48, Delta 10.

Kevin Oberhaus....Photography hack and all around ne'er-do-well.

Patrick Henry...Big surprise, me picking PH. I'm hoping the Pats have their turnover problems under control. Plus having Caleb back on the line helps a ton.

Leipsic...Not sure I can pick Arlington against the usual top three in the BVC. Coach K will have his squad concentrated on the Red Devil running game.

JFK...Rockets came back to earth after the drubbing Arlington put on them. They are still licking their wounds and lose at home.

Eastwood....Aside from Lakota, Woodmore has the worst looking 3-0 schedule. Eagles will challenge Genoa...mark that down.

Calvert...gotta think the Senecas will figure it all out. Lakota is a very weak 3-0.

Wayne Trace....The Raiders are gonna put a hurting on Ayersville. The Pilots boast a 3-0 record against sub par teams.

St Fancis....Taking the Knights at the Glass Bowl. They showed me something by beating Southview week 1. SJJ stays winless.

Columbian...Norwalk has played a who's who among cupcakes. The Tornodoes get win 3.

Celina....Green Dogs burned me last week. Taking them this week to beat the Blue Dogs. This should be a good game.

Delta....Coach Vicars shows the NWOAL that he is back. Delta is gonna win a game they aren't supposed to. Might as well be this one.

Joel Miller...WNDH 103.1 Napoleon

Liberty Center - I go back and forth on this local one for me. Right now it's LC.

Arlington - Another one I'm back and forthing.

Pandora Gilboa - long trip to the country for JFK. Pandora bounces back.

Woodmore - someone's going to the woodshed...(yeah, thanks I'll be here all night)

Calvert - tough season so far, but this is their first win.

Wayne Trace - nice season for the Pilots so far, but the Raiders run away.

St. Francis - Frannies rub it in against their rivals.

Columbian - Tornadoes leave the Truckers by the side of the road.

Defiance - I'm going to stay riding on the Buti Blitzkrieg.

Wauseon - Indians are impressive and Vicars doesn't have the talent he needs, yet.

Jordan Strack...WTOL Toledo 11

Liberty Center- Last year PH beat them by 40...I don't think Rex will let that happen again and this isn't the same PH team.

Arlington- They're averaging over 66 points per game through 3 weeks. I can't even do that in Playstation. Leipsic will be a tougher test, but not enough.

Pandora-Gilboa- They were brought back to reality a little bit last week but I think they'll bounce back nicely this week.

Eastwood- the 3-0 start for Woodmore is a bit deceiving....they're 3 wins are over team with a combined 0-9 record.

Lakota- Last Year Calvert slapped Lakota around...but Lakota has won 2 of their 3 games this year by 1 possession and will be good in a tight game.

Wayne Trace- They've been really impressive so far and even though Ayersville has looked good the schedule is getting tougher.

St. Francis- It's pretty crazy how much has changed over the last few years with these 2 programs. The Knights have looked good so far this season.

Columbian- Not sure why...I just think they're better. Isn't that ultimately what matters most?

Defiance- I can assure you when I was watching them during 2-a-days I never envisioned making this pick. The Bulldogs have been pretty good though. They're 1 play away from 3-0.

Wauseon- I watched Delta last week. They're young. They're getting better each day, but Wauseon is off to a really good start and they'll get it done this week.

Eric Kastner.... 5K Fool and college degree hoarder.

2-1 Patrick Henry @ 3-0 Liberty Center - LC continues to sweep away competition en route to a 4-0 start.

3-0 Arlington @ 3-0 Leipsic - Arlington continues to impress each week. This time they will take down a Leispic team that has had their number in the past.

1-2 Warren JFK @ 2-1 Pandora Gilboa - I'm taking JFK in this one. They've always had a pretty descent program and with PG's showing last week, I came away unimpressed.

3-0 Woodmore @ 2-1 Eastwood - Woodmore is the real deal this year and should make the postseason. However, Woodmore is in unfamiliar territory at starting 3-0 and I'm going to go with a proven/veteran football team in Eastwood.

3-0 Lakota @ 0-3 Calvert - If Lakota had played Calvert's non-conference schedule, they would be 0-3 as well. This is why you have to throw the records out the window here. I'm taking the Senecas in this one as they start conference play this Friday.

3-0 Wayne Trace @ 3-0 Ayersville - Wayne Trace is producing offensive numbers at an alarming rate right now. I like their offense over the Pilots of Ayersville.

0-3 Tol St Johns @ 2-1 Tol St Francis - I'm not impressed with the non-conf wins that St. Francis collect. St. John's gets back on track this week with their first win.

2-1 Columbian @ 3-0 Norwalk - Norwalk has had so many issues in big games with the Tornadoes. I'm from Tiffin and have to take Columbian, right? WRONG! I'm taking the Truckers in an upset over Columbian in Norwalk.

2-1 Defiance @ 3-0 Celina - Celina is gaining confidence as they continue to win these games early on. After scoring 24 pts on what I thought was a great defense last week in OG, I'm taking Celina over Defiance in this affair.

2-1 Delta @ 3-0 Wauseon - Wauseon will take this one comfortably.

Josh Morgret....Fremont News-Messenger

Patrick Henry... PH gets a huge road win in this great rivalry

Arlington... I'm taking another road win here to get a huge win. Arlington wins to set up BVC title game vs. Liberty-Benton later on

Pandora-Gilboa... I don't know too much about JFK but I like P-G at home

Eastwood... I really want to take Woodmore here. They beat Eastwood last year for the first time in nearly a decade but Eastwood gets the win at home

Calvert... This is a unique matchup. Lakota has played a much easier non-conference schedule than Calvert but won them all while Calvert hasn't tasted victory. Calvert probably misses the playoffs with a loss here.

Wayne Trace... I like Wayne Trace's offense. They'll be a tough out if they continue on to the playoffs. I like them on the road, in a close one.

St. Francis... Tough times are upon St. John's and St. Francis picks up another win here

Columbian... Columbian has played the tougher non-conference schedule and I think they win at Norwalk rather easily

Celina... I like Celina at home. They have a game looming against Kenton here soon but they won't look past Defiance

Wauseon... Wauseon is arguably the suprise of the area and I think they continue their winning ways against Delta

Dave Boninsegna.... Www.zsportslive.com

2-1 Patrick Henry @ 3-0 Liberty Center....Patrick Henry in the long running rivalry.

3-0 Woodmore @ 2-1 Eastwood....Although Woodmore scores alot of points I am taking Eastwood

3-0 Lakota @ 0-3 Calvert....Lakota, possibly another gimme.

3-0 Wayne Trace @ 3-0 Ayersville .....Wayne Trace is one of the most explosive teams in NW Ohio and perhaps the state, averaging 59.6 points per game and could be uglier than that if we get all the rain that is expected.

0-3 Tol St Johns @ 2-1 Tol St Francis.....This could be one of those gimme picks, but Ill bite and take St Francis in the battle of the Parochials.

2-1 Columbian @ 3-0 Norwalk .....Columbian

2-1 Defiance @ 3-0 Celina. WBL battle between the Bulldogs; Celina is one of three WBL teams in the top ten in the State rankings; they show Defiance why on Friday.

2-1 Delta @ 3-0 Wauseon ....Wauseon scores alot of points and could run up quite a few more against Delta on Friday night. I'll take Wauseon to add to their total.

(Dave is not picking games with Leipsic, Grove, PG or OG playing.

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Posted 20 September 2013 - 01:18 PM

hey i am at .500 woot!!!!

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