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LCC Grad O'Connor

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Posted 13 April 2014 - 07:41 PM

Nice article on fomer LLC Tbird O'Connor. Good Luck this year Tylerhttp://spartannation...ting-for-a-job/

Michigan State Spartan Stud QB Tyler OíConnor Discusses Footballl and Competing for a Job!

Hondo Carpenter: When you were in high school you had a swagger, not of arrogance, but of the love of football. Iím seeing that again.

Tyler OíConnor: Thatís the biggest thing with me right now is my confidence and my comfortability with everything is as high as itís ever been. When you do that you can finally go out and play without thinking. I donít think about the play thatís called, I just go out and do it. You just let your skills show. You let them go do what they can do. Like I said, just go out and play. Thatís when every athlete is at their best. Thatís I feel where Iím at right now and itís working out.

HONDO: Youíre able to help each other out while youíre competing for the same job. How do you do that?

OíCONNOR: Itís the family atmosphere that Coach D has established. Every position room here is tight. Thereís competition in every room, but every room is tight. And thatís just how it is. Every time someone comes off the field, ĎThatís now what I sawÖI think you could have done thisí. Weíre helping each other out. Not only that, outside of football we hang out all the time on the weekends and weíll go out together and stuff like that. The family atmosphere that Coach D has instilled in every single one of us and the chemistry on our teamÖ Not that I know of other schools, but I think the chemistry on our team is above every other place.

HONDO: Brad as your coach, and you quarterbacks, are a band of brothers. Youíre all rooting for each other. I think thatís the secret thatís making you guys so good.

OíCONNOR: Right. I think youíre exactly right. I think a good showing of that is, every time during the season when a series is over, we all come over and meet in the middle on the 50 yard line behind all the teammates. We all talk about what we could have done on this play, on this play. Like I said, not only does that help him out, but it helps everyone else to see this is what you do in this situation. Itís all for the team. If thatís my job, then thatís my job. My job right now is to get as good as I can be if the opportunity presents itself for me to go in.

HONDO: You and Connor both this year are more like you were in high school. Damionís not quite there yet where itís fun. Are you able to give him some advice?

OíCONNOR: Yeah. And I think the biggest thing is, and Iíve said it to him a few times already this spring, see what you see. I think he knows whatís going on and he thinks heís gonna be right, but he doesnít have confidence. He doesnít throw the ball with conviction sometimes because heís not confident in this and that heís gonna be right. I say that to him all the time because thatís his biggest thing. Heís got the armÖhe can throw the ball 70 yards. He can run the ball and he can do everything. But once he starts throwing with conviction and have the confidence and that demeanor, then the skyís the limit for him.

HONDO: Do you remember all those times when you were in high school and I said please slide, youíre gonna make me die? Remember that? Your killing me here Tyler.

OíCONNOR: (Laughing) I do. I still donít know that Iíve adopted that yet. I havenít done it yet.

HONDO: You play like Max Bullough at the quarterback position. Do you think that gives you a bit of an edge, that youíre gonna drop that shoulder and go head to head with that linebacker?

OíCONNOR: Yeah, thatís the thing. I just canít picture myself shying away or sliding or running out of boundsÖ I run out of bounds, I kinda do sometimes, but sliding in the middle of the field is not gonna happen. Thatís just something that, I donít know, I canít do it.

HONDO: Because thereís so much depth and so many good quarterbacks, does it maybe benefit you that you donít worry about, Ďif I go down thereís nobodyí?

OíCONNOR: Iíve been blessed to have not gone through so many injuries ever in my life. So Iím not as worried about that. But honestly, yeah, we have great depth where between us three I think weíre all very good quarterbacks. I think we could all run the offense, run the show. I think regardless of what happens weíll be alright.

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