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Lima Area Coaches Rankings 2015 2.0

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Posted 19 January 2015 - 10:04 PM

Lima Area Wrestling Coaches Association
2014 - 2015 Second Rankings 1-19-15

1. Danny Assaf (D)
2. Austin Selvaggio (E)
3. Preston Brubaker (CG)
4. Justin Sigler (CW)
5. Lucas Freeman(AE)

1. Hunter Lucas (LCC)
2. Blaine Hunter (E)
3. Max Rassman (WT)
4. Brad Beemer (W)
5. Kyle Sigler (CW)

1. George Clemens (WT)
2. Ryan Lantow (D)
3. Alex Rodriguez (L)
4. Chase Sumner (A)
5. Jayden Hefner (W)

1. Ruger Goeltzealeuzhter (WT)
2. Schuyler Caprella (AE)
3. Jay Uhlenhake (CW)
4. Drew Robenalt (W)
5. Kaleb Russel (LS)

1. Timothy-Gage Gruden (D)
2. Tyler Copeland (W)
3. Collin Henon (LCC)
4. Wyatt Place (DJ)
5. Andy Hammond (VW)

1. Spencer Siebert (CW)
2. Aaron Crites ©
3. Gabe Makin (E)
4. Derrick Smith (Sp)
5. Caleb Schultz (WT)

1. Nate Stonehill (B)
2. Dallas Ambos (W)
3. Joeseph Eisle (LCC)
4. Justin Siefker (DSJ)
5. Brandon Soules (AE)

1. Derek Kuhlman (SH)
2. Dylan Plaugher (W)
3. Tyler Showalter (WT)
4. Aden Mack (LS)
5. Christian Stechschulte (CG)

1. Robbie Bowers (D)
2. Chandler Kohlhorst (SH)
3. Daniel Beemer (OG)
4. Brett Vonderwell (DSJ)
5. Cordel Newman (W)

1. Austin Windle (A)
2. Heath Newman (W)
3. Adam Deitrich (P)
4. Jaden Heitcamp (SM)
5. Alex Haunhorst (DSJ)

1. Landon Hall (W)
2. Jack Huffman (LCC)
3. Tyler Foust (DJ)
4. Noah Beach (A)
5. Jake Schmidt (CW)

1. Wes Buettner (DSJ)
2. Bo Gross (B)
3. Spencer Knous (SM)
4. Jarod Woodland (A)
5. Andrew Nichols (CG)

1. Zack Morris (D)
2. Kyle Lahmon (B)
3. David Duncan (W)
4. Bailey Young (SH)
5. Austin Schulte (DSJ)

1. John Seibert (D)
2. Easton Rudasill (B)
3. Blake Sampson (BL)
4. Donald Hughes (SH)
5. Alec Kimball (LCC)

Large School Team
1. Wapak
2. Defiance
3. Elida

Small School Team
1. Coldwater
2. Wayne Trace
3. Delphos St John's

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Posted 21 January 2015 - 08:14 PM

Wapak will be lucky to be in the top 3.
Talked to a couple of wrestlers and they said they have had no off season workouts of any kind, no weightlifting nothing.

This was posted by someone in the WBL preseason thread makes me laugh everytime I read it.

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Posted 23 January 2015 - 11:17 AM

what weight class do you think is strongest in the area, and weakest in the area?

I would say 170 is probably the strongest and has most depth

and 120 being the weakest, but 145 was close as one of the weakest weight classes, both may have one or two good wrestlers but after that completely drop off to mediocre at best

#4 Wildcat19

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Posted 29 January 2015 - 12:06 AM

Coach you may want to revisit 220. Morris is a good wrestler but hasn't placed in the GMVWA or the Maumee Bay Classic and has lost to Bath and Kenton. You may want to look at the Kenton kid a little closer too, he should be in the top 3 imo.

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Posted 30 January 2015 - 08:42 AM


You are correct that Morris is not number 1 - most likely should be Lhamon. However, your logic needs adjusted. The Lima are too often punished kids for "not placing" at large, challenging tournaments and rewards kids for placing at smaller, less challenging events. Your head to head arguments are spot on, but your GMVWA and Maumee Bay Classic examples are shaky. Taking the time to look at those tournaments and their brackets, Morris was one win away from placing at both; GMVWA and Maumee both have over 45 teams in attendance, and feature excellent competition. What teams in the Lima area actually compete at that level once a year, let alone multiple times? Almost none of the DIII teams in the Lima area wrestle at that level at any point in the year. Looking at your user name, I am guessing you are a Bath supporter. As such, you would recognize that Bath, Wapak, and Defiance wrestle much different schedules than most of the schools in the Lima area; DSJ and LCC are probably the next tier down, with some others wrestling OK to good schedules, but many in this area wrestle very pedestrian competition for the entire season.

Evaluating tournament success depends upon the level of tournament, and then even the draw an individual wrestler gets. Sticking with head to head is a safer method of evaluation by far.

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Posted 30 January 2015 - 10:25 AM

Monday Feb. 2nd is the next LAWCA meeting and new rankings, please have your coach or a school rep attend the meeting. Or have them email us results or thoughts. It's very hard to find results online on all teams

#7 Wildcat19

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Posted 30 January 2015 - 02:15 PM

I agree Morris is a good wrestler, and I don't know the head between him and Duncan or Young. This is the first time 220 has had this many good wrestlers in it for a while. The Kenton kid is better than most people are giving him credit and getting over looked. I heard Duncan may be out for the season. Yes the big tournaments are luck of the draw and the DIII wrestling doesn't have the same schedule but does have really good kids but a larger spread in competition from top-to-bottom.

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