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2019 state tournament

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Posted 26 August 2019 - 10:16 PM

View PostRocketman, on 29 April 2019 - 05:51 AM, said:

Mr Flyer,
Of course you're correct about the "extinction" thingie.....since I moved to Florida 3 years ago the RC has fallen on hard times and will never get back to our glory years of 2005-2015.....Twitter, Twatter, Instagram, and the such weren't around and it's my fault that we didn't embrace the new technology.....our traffic is off approximately 95% since our heyday and we'll never get our mojo back I'm afeared......but my disdain for the OHSAA is well-documented and I have no qualms about it....you've been critical of the RC/myself since you voluntarily joined and I've allowed you free/unfettered access to bitch....that has always been the RC's difference between the others......as for my previous comments about the thugs playing in D3/4.....when you have coaches assembling all star teams whose only purpose is one thing, then I'll call it for what it is.......

Yet another untruth by you. I have only been "bitching" about YOUR constant BITCHING about the OHSAA. You had a similiar stiffie toward Jon and the Huddle, so must so that you got your dick in a twist and started your own playground. Your act is tiresome and played out.

As for the thugs comment (on the attendance thread)....well, that says an AWFUL lot about your character/lack of it. You imply something, and any semi-"woke" individual can easily infer exactly what you were shooting at (aside from pot stirring/generating page views). I've constantly disproved your alleged "facts," and in your true sackless style, you don't even acknowledge it. Nothing. Not any type of admission that you were wrong, not even any push back in defense of your "facts"....outside of your blather about how you gave us this forum and I've only attacked it. Horsefeathers! You've become angry old "stay off my lawn guy" and like my ex-wife, you just have to have the last retort. Retort, re-tord.

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