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Friday night lights

09 November 2018 - 07:27 PM

Semifinals tonight/Saturday

1st quarter
Division I
Olentangy Liberty 0
Reynoldsburg 0

Fire Trucks are staged at the Putnam Co. Line

24 March 2018 - 03:01 PM

Itís 4 oíclock on Saturday afternoon and the fire trucks are staged for the big rally welcoming home our Pandora Gilboa Rockets basketball team. Every village and Township in the county have sent a firetruck and Stinkys parking lot is jammed to the gills...... should be starting very quickly but you still have time!!

Guess the Total Attendance 2018 Boys Tournament

18 March 2018 - 08:41 PM

Thatís right.......to commemorate the lowest EVER avg. game attendance, the RC is having a contest for our members......Iíve still got some snazzy RC polos to give for prizes......

Just like Drew Carey and the Price is Right......closest without going over.....

One entry per person......

Thursday 3/22 10:00am deadline
The all time record for 12 games is 198,656 which is 16,000+ per game......