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Hall of Fame 2011

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Posted 10 December 2010 - 10:54 AM

I found this year's standard hall of fame candidates. Committee members are allowed to vote for up to ten candidates. Who would you select?

I got this from Wikipedia - I assume it is accurate.

The BBWAA ballot was announced on November 29, 2010. It includes candidates from the 2010 ballot who received at least 5% of the vote but were not elected, along with players chosen by a screening committee whose last appearance was in 2005. All 10-year members of the BBWAA will be eligible to vote. The ballot is listed in the following order:

First, returning candidates from 2010 are listed, in order of votes received in the 2010 balloting (Bert Blyleven to Harold Baines).
Then, first-time candidates are listed alphabetically by surname.

Bert Blyleven
Roberto Alomar
Jack Morris
Barry Larkin
Lee Smith
Edgar Martinez
Tim Raines
Mark McGwire
Alan Trammell
Fred McGriff
Don Mattingly
Dave Parker
Dale Murphy
Harold Baines
Carlos Baerga
Jeff Bagwell
Brett Boone
Kevin Brown
John Franco
Juan González
Marquis Grissom
Lenny Harris
Bobby Higginson
Charles Johnson
Vance Law
Al Leiter
Tino Martinez
Raúl Mondesí
John Olerud
Rafael Palmeiro
Kirk Rueter
Benito Santiago
B. J. Surhoff
Larry Walker

My selections are:
Bert Blyleven - best curveball of his era, maybe ever
Jack Morris - if I have to win one game, he gets the ball
Barry Larkin - longevity, class, MVP award, World Series ring
Alan Trammell - longevity, class, rookie of the year, World Series ring
Dale Murphy - steady, maybe best center fielder of his time (on some bad teams)
Jeff Bagwell - my weakest selection, I just always liked him as a player
Larry Walker - fine right fielder, stuck on bad teams most of his career

Close, but not quite:
Roberto Alomar - don't have a good reason not to select him, but just can't pull the trigger
Lee Smith - fine closer, but the save can be a deceptive statistic
Tim Raines - I love base stealers, but was the rest of his game good enough?
Don Mattingly - my anti-Yankee bias showing through

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