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Sheen's Scoop...When The Snow Shuts Down Friday Edition

13 January 2018 - 10:50 PM

A lot of games cancelled...a few big games played....and a couple surprises. Not spending much time on the rankings this week

1. Toledo St Johns
2. Sylvania Southview......big game with Northview next Saturday
3. Sylvania Northview
4. Toledo Whitmer
5. Toledo St. Francis
Others.....Findlay, Anthony Wayne

1. Wauseon....next Saturday @ Archbold....win that and they should go 22-0
2. Elida....big weekend coming up with Wapak and the T-Birds
3. Shawnee....Wayne Trace next Saturday
4. Lexington
5. Wapak.....a loss Friday at Elida and they are likely out of the WBL race

1. Ottawa Glandorf....big win at Findlay
2. Archbold.....#1 D2 Wauseon comes to town Friday....wouldn't be shocked to see the Streaks win
3. Versailles
4. Genoa
5. (Tie) Anna & Oak Harbor

1. Fort Loramie....huge game w/ Thurgood Marshall coming up at Flyin To The Hoop
2. St Henry....playing as good as anyone in the area right now
3. Pandora Gilboa...I'll admit...I wasn't sold on the Rockets....big win over the Big Gree convinced me
4. Kalida....huge game with the Muskies rescheduled for Monday night
5. Ottoville 11-3....need to bounce back from the PG loss next Friday at MC...could be a good one
6. Minster 6-2....at Fort Loramie next Saturday
7. Crestview 8-3
8. Marion Local 6-3...rest of the schedule is brutal...
9. Wayne Trace 9-2....chance to prove themselves with a game at Shawnee next Saturday
10. Delphos St Johns...losing close games to good teams....playing a good schedule is worth something....they stay at #10

Others:....Upper Scioto (9-2)....considered them but a 43-40 win at home over a 2-10 Ada team keeps them out another week, FJ....same thing....but a 44-42 win at home over Bluffton....can't bring myself to do it. Muskies can win their way into the Top 10 with a win over K-town on Monday

Charlie's NWO Rankings....Wildcard Weekend Edition

07 January 2018 - 11:04 AM

Upgraded to 4 divisions for your viewing pleasure.....and awaaaaaay we go:

D1: Basically just the TRAC.....not much to see here :nerd:

1. Toledo St Johns (7-2) Home games with St Francis and Lakewood St Ed's next week
2. Toledo Whitmer (8-2)
3. Toledo St Francis (7-2)
4. Southview (9-1)...gonna be tough to move up....schedule not nearly as strong as the Top 3
5. Findlay (7-3)
Other: Northview, Lima Senior, Anthony Wayne

D2: This one was tough....

1. Wauseon (10-0)...still not convinced they'll beat Elida, but a win over unbeaten S-view on the road gets them this spot....for now. Will need to beat Archbold on the 19th to have a chance to finish #1
2. Elida (10-0)....sorry Dawg fans...but with quite a few big games left there's a pretty good chance they can take the #1 spot back from the Indians before season's end
3. Shawnee (9-2)....St Johns at home next Saturday
4. Wapak (7-3)....not a fan of them playing so many small schools, but I needed to fill 5 spots
5. Lexington (7-3)....games with ranked D3's OG and Upper Sandusky coming up


1. Ottawa Glandorf (10-0)...at Findlay next Saturday then Lima Senor on the 20th
2. Archbold (7-2)....Losses to teams with combined 20-0 record by 11 points both on the road....rematch with Wauseon coming up
3. Versailles (10-0)....win over Fort Loramie on Tuesday @ Marion Local Satuday...may jump the Streaks
4. Anna (9-2)....Fort Loramie Friday, St Henry Saturday
5. Upper Sandusky (10-2)....at D2 #5 Lexington next Satuday

Others: Carey, Oak Harbor, Genoa, Cardinal Stritch, Coldwater, Ft Recovery

D4: ..toughest division to rank by far...too many teams who just haven't shown up like expected this year

1. Fort Loramie (10-0)....Versailles, Anna and Thurgood Marshall in the next 8 days...could be the toughest 8 day stretch for any D4 team in the state this year!!
2. St Henry (8-2)....Minster and Anna both on the road next weekend
3. Ottoville (11-2)...big win at Minster last night
4. Pandora (9-1)....gotta figure out their offense...40's won't keep getting W's...rivalry game at Leipsic on Friday....then a huge game with #3 Ottoville on Saturday...chance to prove they belong here
5. Kalida (9-2)...really think they could be above PG...but I'll let next weekend decide that
6. Minster (5-2)....Coldwater Tues, St Henry Friday Chance to move up a spot or 2
7. Crestview (6-3)....still have games w/ Shawnee, LCC, Lincolnview, Wayne Trace & Hicksville
8. Delphos St Johns (5-4)....4 losses to teams with combined 5 losses....need to take down the 'Birds today to keep this spot...nobody .500 or below gets to stay in the poll :shrug2:
9. Marion Local (5-3)...late start due to football...3 losses by 13 pts....Versailles on Friday
10. Ft Jennings (7-3)....Arlington loss really hurts them....at Kalida on Friday

Others: Lincolnview (6-4), Hicksville (8-1), Wayne Trace (7-2), Pettisville(9-1), Russia (7-4), Toledo Christian (9-1)

Ok, ok, I'll add Fort Loramie :) - NWO Rankings, NYE Edition

31 December 2017 - 11:58 AM

After many requests, some Mapquesting... and a quick drive down to good ol' Shelby County to check the place out, I'm giving in...the Redskins are now part of my poll. Changed the D3 & D4 to 10 teams this week....too tough to cut it to just 5

Here we go....

D1 & D2

1. Toledo St Johns (6-2) Went 2-2 in California, one of the losses was to LA Westchester,...one of the Top Big schools in LA...for now, strength of schedule keeps them here.

2. Southview (8-0)...Wauseon at home next weekend

3. Toledo Whitmer (6-2)....lost in the Championship of a Florida tourney to one fo the top teams in Nashville

4. Elida (9-0) Big win on the road over the Spartans

5. Wauseon (9-0)....huge game at #3 Southview coming up on Saturday

Others (in no order) Shawnee, Toledo St. Francis, Toledo Start

D3 & D4

1. Ottawa-Glandorf (8-0)...ran out to a big lead then held off a pretty average Perrysburg team....should get back on track offensively this week at Bath and Bluffton

2. Versailles (8-0)....close win at Anna and a beatdown on pretty good Miami East team on Saturday. Big Game Tues Jan 9th when #4 Fort Loramie comes to town

3. Archbold (5-2) a 6-point loss to Wauseon and 5-point loss to OG, both on the road....Streaks stay at #3

4. Fort Loramie (9-0), ok, ok, the Redskins come in at #4....At Versailles on the 9th, home for Anna on the 12th then Thurgood Marshall at Flyin' to the Hoop. Brutal stretch coming up

5. Ottoville (9-2).....at 4-1 Minster on Saturday....then only a couple more challenges the rest of the way

6. Kalida (7-2)....a win at LCC and a win over Lincolnview get them in

7. Pandora Gilboa (7-1)....I know, I know, they beat Kalida...but no other good wins so far....Ottoville coming up

8. Cardinal Stritch (9-1)...weakest schedule of the ranked teams, but only loss to D1 Toledo Central Catholic at the Southview Tourney

9. Delphos St. Johns (5-3)....losses to unbeatens Versailles and Elida and 5-3 Crestview.....doesn't get any eaiser with Minster, LCC and Shawnee the next 2 weekends

10. Minster (4-1)....next 5 games....St. Johns, Ottoville, Coldwater, St Henry, Fort Loramie....9-1 or 8-2 after that stretch will move them way up

No "others" in D3 & D4 this week this week....this took too long. Going to decide if it's time to expand East and add Upper Sandusky....good chance they'll be around when it comes time for the D3 regional

A new thread that has some rankings.....because Toledo teams aren't allowed in the...

26 December 2017 - 06:18 PM

Thought maybe we could open this up to a little bigger area. I included teams that play in the NW Ohio districts / regionals. I didn't spend too much time on this...and it's early. Don't be too hard on me :)

D1 & 2

1. Toledo St Johns (4-0).....4 games in Cali this week should tell us a lot
2. Whitmer (4-1).....only loss to the Titans. Tourney in Florida for 3 games this week
3. Southview (5-0)....home vs Wauseon on Jan 6
4. Elida (8-0)....played 3 D4's so far...gets tougher from here...keep winning they'll move up
5. Wauseon (7-0)....only real test so far has been Archbold

Others (no order).....Findlay, Lima Senior, Northview, Toledo St Francis & Toledo Start

D3 & 4

1. OG (7-0)....big matchup @ Findlay Jan 13
2. Versailles (6-0)
3. Archbold (4-2) Only losses to unbeatens OG and Wauseon.
4. Lincolnview (6-1)....tough stretch w/ Kalida, Ottoville & Ft Recovery the next 3 games
5. tie ..St. Johns (5-2) and Wayne Trace (6-1)

Others (no order)......P-G, Ottoville (another big week, C-View & L-view), Crestview (huge weekend coming up), Cardinal Stritch (8-0)...horrible schedule so far but stepping up to play in the Southview tourney this weekend, LCC (4-3) Losses to teams with a combined 19-2 record, Kalida (5-2) ...LCC & L-view this week. Chance to make a big move, Fort Recovery (5-2)....St. Henry, Lincolnview, Worthington Kilbourne and Versailles in the next 3 weekends...could make a big jump