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Playoff Know It Alls Round 3

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Posted 22 November 2013 - 10:00 AM

It's down to the Regional Finals and things are really heating up between the top three. All season long they've gone for the safe picks and it's paid off. Mr. Baker has come back to the pack a little while Mr. Morgret has charged up the ranks from his early season struggles. Here are last week's results.

Josh Morgret ................9-1
Tim McDonough...........9-1

Dave Boninsegna........8-2

Jamie Baker.................7-3
Kevin Oberhaus...........7-3

Jordan Strack...............6-4
Eric Kastner.................6-4

Joel Miller...... Did not receive picks

Overall Standings

Jamie Baker................87-33
Josh Morgret...............84-36
Tim McDonough.........79-41
Jordan Strack.............78-42
Kevin Oberhaus..........76-44
Dave Boninsegna.......71-49
Eric Kastner................70-50
Joel Miller...................NA

Week 13 Games

Avon 12-0 vs Medina Highland 12-0
Central Catholic 12-0 vs Clyde 11-1
Bryan 12-0 vs Kenton 12-0
Coldwater 10-2 vs Huron 9-3
Wayne Trace 11-1 vs Ada 9-3
St Johns 8-4 vs Arlington 9-3
Triad 12-0 vs Marion Local 12-0
Alter 11-1 vs Clinton-Massie 11-1
Mentor 11-1 vs St Ignatius 8-4
Moeller 11-1 vs Colerain 12-0

Jamie Baker-Findlay Courier

Medina Highland over Avon - Hornets have won some close games in the playoffs. I think they win another this week.

Central Catholic over Clyde- Central has amassed too much talent from across Toledo for the Fliers to win this one.

Kenton over Bryan - People have been looking forward to this match up for a while. Wildcats by 10.

Coldwater over Huron - Not surprised Huron made it to the regional final, but I think the Tigers' run ends this week.

Wayne Trace over Ada - I think Ada has stung me the last two weeks but I'm still taking the Raiders.

St Johns over Arlington - Winner earns a Saturday night date with Marion Local next week.

Marion Local over Triad - This won't be as close as last week's game was for the Flyers.

Alter over Clinton-Massie - I just have a built in bias against Massie.

Mentor over St Ignatius - Score one for the public schools.

Moeller over Colerain - It appears Moeller is playing pretty well right now.

ROCKETMAN-One game back

Avon 12-0 ..........tough pick right out of the box......Avon's been here before, Highland hasn't

Central Catholic 12-0 .....probably the easiest pick this weekend, but man I sure like what Clyde did this year.

Kenton 12-0.....everybody will be picking Kenton and so will I..........but Bryan is no slouch and wouldn't really surprise me here

Coldwater 10-2....another one where the MAC will be heavily favored and I don't see Huron keeping pace

Ada 9-3.......this is one where I have an opportunity to pick one up on Bubby again.....is Ada a team of destiny?

St Johns 8-4 .....no one will be picking Arlington this week but don't tell the "Devils with the Blue Dress" that....

Marion Local 12-0....the MAC makes it 3/3 with this one........Shadyside awaits!

Alter 11-1 .......Clinton Massie is pretty darn good but I have to believe that Alter will be ready this time.

Mentor 11-1....picking against Iggy Pop probably isn't the smartest thing I've done lately, but the Cardinals usually peak this time of year..

Moeller 11-1....Mighty Moe takes on the "Glenville of SW Ohio".......brains vs. speed........gotta go with the brains this week

Josh Morgret- Fremont News-Messenger- 3 games out.

Avon... Avon moves on here, but by less than a touchdown

Toledo Central Catholic... I'll be at this one and I think Clyde keeps it close for a half before TCC pulls away

Kenton... Expect standing room only for this one. I think Sherman is too much. Over/under at 90 points

Coldwater... Coldwater is too much for Huron here

Wayne Trace... WT's offense outscores Ada

DSJ... Region 24's worst nightmare came true when DSJ got into the playoffs. The roll continues here

Marion Local... The MAC dominance continues as they get three teams to week 14

Kettering Alter... Very interesting game here but something tells me to take Alter

Mentor... This is a great game in Division 1 but I have to lean towards Mentor in a close game

Moeller... Another great game but I think Moeller slips by Colerain, in overtime

Tim McDonough-Defiance Crescent- 8 games out

Avon 12-0 vs Medina Highland 12-0 - Should be a good one, but I like Avon to pull away in the second half to earn the win.

Central Catholic 12-0 vs Clyde 11-1 - Clyde is good and has tradition, but Central Catholic is on cruise control. I'll take the Irish.

Bryan 12-0 vs Kenton 12-0 - I would like to think that Bryan can hang with Kenton, and they will for awhile, but the Wildcats are going to win.

Coldwater 10-2 vs Huron 9-3 - The Cavaliers know what playoff football is all about and that's why they're returning to the Final Four.

Wayne Trace 11-1 vs Ada 9-3 - The Raiders got revenge on Tinora, and they know about Ada mentor Bob Olwin, who coached at Fairview. I like WT in to advance.

St Johns 8-4 vs Arlington 9-3 - I said from the very beginning that nobody wanted St. John's to make the playoffs because they'd win this region. I'm sticking by that.

Triad 12-0 vs Marion Local 12-0 - Marion Local is the best team in the state in Division VII, maybe even VI and V. They are moving on.

Alter 11-1 vs Clinton-Massie 11-1 - This one might be the best of game of the week. I like Clinton-Massie to get it done late in the fourth quarter.

Mentor 11-1 vs St Ignatius 8-4 - St. Ignatius put it on Mentor all the way back in Week 2. Mentor gets its revenge in the regional finals.

Moeller 11-1 vs Colerain 12-0 - Colerain may hang early, but Moeller is just too strong in the end.

Jordan Strack-WTOL Toledo 11- 9 games out

Highland- what they did to a very good Massillon Washington team was impressive. Avon had to squeak by a Perrysburg team who was using a sophomore QB making his 1st start.

Central Catholic- they got a wake up call last week from Columbian. The Irish didn't play particularly well and still won by 30. They'll be in the title game.

Kenton-it's the 3rd straight unbeaten top 5 team that Bryan had faced. I think they have to be a little worn down but this will be an epic shootout.

Coldwater- as impressive as Huron has been in this run...I think a battled tested Coldwater team is made for this stage.

Ada- I think they've played the tougher schedule and that has them ready for challenges like this.

DSJ- This could be a fantastic old school football game. I like a team that has been there before. Once DSJ got in to the playoffs it was trouble for everyone else.

Marion Local- Having never seen either team this is a stab in the dark but I'm a good guesser.

Alter- and I don't think it will be close.

Mentor- I know Iggy beat them already this year but that was week 2. Mentor has outscored their first 2 playoff opponents 85-0. Is that good?

Moeller- game will have an absolutely huge crowd. I'm throwing darts for this one.

Kevin Oberhaus- 11 games out

Highland..... Their win over Massillon was impressive. Avon barely beat a Perrysburg team who was without its starting QB.

Central Catholic.....Their game last week was close for a half but then they woke up and played like they always do. I think they control this game from kickoff.

Bryan.....Gonna go with the NWOAL in this one. Should be a high powered offensive battle. I think Bryan has a little destiny on its side.

Coldwater.....Taking the safe pick here. CW beat Hartley. That's really all I need to know.

Wayne Trace.....Gonna ride the Raiders into the State Semi.

Arlington.....I might be dumb for this pick but their line is huge and made massive holes for Rettig.

Marion Local.....Another safe pick. Covington woke them up. Probably wont be challenged again.

Massie.....The Falcons are Impressive. Common opponent is McNicholas. Almost identical scores. Should be a dandy.

Mentor.....The Cardinals get revenge for a week 2 loss.

Moeller.....As much as I want to be different and pick Colerain, one look at their schedules says its all Moe. Only loss is to D1 favorite St Ed by just 3 points

Dave Boninsegna- Zsportslive.com- 16 games out


Eric Kastner- 17 games out

Avon 12-0 - They don't always win glamorously, but they find a way.

Central Catholic 12-0 - Clyde has a very tough/fast football team and can hang with Central Catholic. But, only for three quarters. TCC by 14+

Kenton 12-0 - Kenton is scary good both offensively & defensively. Can they slow down the Bryan offense? I think so!

Coldwater 10-2 - MAC - MAC - MAC

Wayne Trace 11-1 - WT in a close game!

St Johns 8-4 - Arlington certainly has the horses to match-up with DSJ. However, Jettinghoff won't be denied in his senior yr. Arlington is very strong with both their Jr and Soph classes, they'll be back next yr!

Marion Local 12-0 - MAC - MAC - MAC ..this one won't be as close as the scare MSML received last week from Covington.

Alter 11-1 - Alter wins in a tight one!

St Ignatius 8-4 - St. Ignatius proves their schedule was no fluke!

Colerain 12-0 - Colerain continues their unblemished season with a win in week 13!

Joel Miller- WNDH

Avon 12-0 vs Medina Highland 12-0 Avon - they're on a roll.
Central Catholic 12-0 vs Clyde 11-1 Central Catholic - Another big win here.
Bryan 12-0 vs Kenton 12-0 Kenton - Should be a great shootout, Bryan's D falls just short.
Coldwater 10-2 vs Huron 9-3 Coldwater
Wayne Trace 11-1 vs Ada 9-3 Wayne Trace - don't fully know what to expect, but WT has kicked it in lately.
St Johns 8-4 vs Arlington 9-3 St. Johns - too much for the Red Devils.
Triad 12-0 vs Marion Local 12-0 Marion Local - crunch time for the MAC.
Alter 11-1 vs Clinton-Massie 11-1 Alter
Mentor 11-1 vs St Ignatius 8-4 Mentor
Moeller 11-1 vs Colerain 12-0 Moeller

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Posted 22 November 2013 - 07:43 PM

Lookin' good for RM this week....... :) me and Bubby have a couple of different ones this week, so I'm feeling pretty spry........RM
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Posted 23 November 2013 - 12:59 AM

Sorry RM looks like you fall two more back :coffee:

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Posted 23 November 2013 - 12:48 PM

View PostCoach_B, on 23 November 2013 - 12:59 AM, said:

Sorry RM looks like you fall two more back :coffee:
I have not yet begun to fight!
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