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Final Know It Alls...Championship edition

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Posted 05 December 2013 - 06:54 PM

The victor is basically crowned already. Well done Mr Baker! I am at work currently but wanted to post this week's picks before tonight's game starts. Here they are....will post results later.

Jamie Baker

Marion Local


Well, I gave it my all but Bubby proved to be the better man this time.......the last two weeks in my greed to get back within hailing district
I laid a big, fat egg....So.........the only thing to do this weekend is to go all-in and go with some perceived underdogs.......down 5 I will need
them all to click......I can't pick against the MAC (especially with their history) so I must go against all of the other heavyweights.....and the
only way to do this is to pick against EVERY private school in the finals! Sure suicide you say?....yes, more than likely this will allow even
Josh to pass me down the stretch..........but I had a game plan and I've held to it.....let the chips fall where they may..........thanks to Obie
and all the "Know it All's" who participated this season, I had a blast.......

13-1 Mentor ........definitely a game where Bubby will take the parochial......maybe the Cardinals get their first title this year
14-0 Loveland.......can't pick against the Tarblooders no matter how much I want........wait a minute! if I expect to win I must pick Loveland
11-2 Trotwood-Madison....another game where Bubba will undoubtedly take the Irish and one where I think TM can prevail
13-1 Clinton-Massie.....the defending state champ hasn't gotten much respect and I might have Bubby picking Mooney also
12-2 Coldwater........the MAC has smacked around the entire state during this year's playoff run...........make it 106!
13-1 Wayne Trace.....defending champ against virtual upstart........let the partying begin in Payne and Grover Hill
14-0 Marion Local.....only a fool would pick against the Flyers in this one.......and a fool I ain't!

Josh Morgret

Cincinnati Moeller
Cleveland Glenville
Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary
Marion Local

Tim McDonough

13-1 Mentor vs 13-1 Moeller - Somebody with the letter "M" is going to win, my crystal ball says Moeller.
13-1 Glenville vs 14-0 Loveland - Without their stud running back, Loveland won't be able to hang with Glenville.
14-0 ASVSM vs 11-2 Trotwood-Madison - I thought Toledo Central Catholic might be here to face ASVSM, without TCC, I'll take the Irish.
10-4 Mooney vs 13-1 Clinton-Massie - Mooney is very athletic, but I'll take the defending state champs from Clarksville.
13-1 Hartley vs 12-2 Coldwater - Coldwater absolutely crushed Hartley during the regular season. I'll take the Cavs in a closer game this time.
14-0 Kirtland vs 13-1 Wayne Trace - Kirtland has the playoff experience, but I like Wayne Trace to win in a shootout.
14-0 Trimble vs 14-0 Marion Local - Marion Local is the best time in D-VII ... period. With their win and Coldwater's win, the mighty MAC adds two more state titles to its resume

Dave Boninsegna

13-1 Mentor vs 13-1 Moeller

13-1 Glenville vs 14-0 Loveland


14-0 ASVSM vs 11-2 Trotwood-Madison


10-4 Mooney vs 13-1 Clinton-Massie


13-1 Hartley vs 12-2 Coldwater


14-0 Kirtland vs 13-1 Wayne Trace


14-0 Trimble vs 14-0 Marion Local


Kevin Oberhaus






Wayne Trace

Marion Local

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