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In Topic: 2019 OHSAA Boy's Basketball State Tournament Attendance

28 April 2019 - 04:28 PM

View Postmoe_ szyslak, on 21 April 2019 - 03:18 PM, said:

Can you please define your use of the term "thugs"? Thanks.

How ironic that the leader of this place hasn't replied to a DIRECT question to him about a very (intentional) inflammatory comment he made, over a week ago. Stranger still that he felt the need to start his typical spin cycle in his "defense" of a pretty much indefensible take. Guilty much?

In Topic: 2019 OHSAA Boy's Basketball State Tournament Attendance

28 April 2019 - 04:23 PM

View PostRocketman, on 08 April 2019 - 09:25 AM, said:

1. Attendance from the "professionals" is the same as 20-30 years ago. It's the school crowd and casual fans that have suffered. I will guarantee that revenue is down even including Spectrum. Hell for all we know the OHSAA might be paying them! We can agree to disagree and we've pretty much allowed idiots such as yourself to express their opinions without fail here on the RC since 2005......thanks

IF you say it, it must be true!? :nerd:

Attendance by "professionals" (Supes/Principals/AD's/Coaches/Staffs) is NOWHERE NEAR what it once was. You can't actually believe the crap that you've typed! None of your minions on here will call you on your bullchit, but I will. Anyone that has been in attendance over the past 40 years, as I have, and as many others (some on here) have, knows that your claim simply isn't the case. Attendance is down 4-5 THOUSAND per game from just a decade ago....I took the 2009 Kalida/Lutheran (thugs) East Thursday morning Semi of 10,444 as example. Ada/Oak Hill was Game 2 @ 11,440. This year's FRIDAY " early session" attendance was 11,327, TOTAL. So, if you're slant is to be believed, you'd have each participating school selling 2,000 LESS tickets than 10 years ago. PULL-EEEEZZE, just stop.

I'd tend to agree that revenue is down, those numbers are easy enough (even for you) to look up, but that wasn't really the part of my case, as I pretty much stated that IN my post.

I've got your "idiot," hangin'. But whatever makes a small little man like you feel good, roll with it.

In Topic: 2019 state tournament

28 April 2019 - 03:48 PM

View PostRocketman, on 08 April 2019 - 09:11 AM, said:

I attended the D4 semifinals games Friday afternoon. When the losing fans of the first game left (St Henry's) there was a void in that section I'm sure they were very happy to pay $20 per ticket for the one game that they saw. I'm quite certain that the Thursday games were the same way. If you think your darling OHSAAA is doing a great job, fine with me.

Here's the thing, doofus.....nobody MADE the St. Henry (or any other) fans leave. They CHOSE to. Just the same as they CHOSE to buy those tickets (which were NOT $20, if purchased at "their" school, they were $15). Tickets were only $20 if purchased at the window, day of game.....which entitled them to 2 games.

The OHSAA is anything but my "darling," but your CONSTANT bitching about them is tired and boorish. You have a great deal in common WITH the OHSAA (maybe the reason for your continual chubbie toward them?), you both are presiding over a dying patient (the OHSAA = State tourney and you = this "message board") and have NO CLUE as to how to save them. LOL!

Keep spinning Elton. Only a few more months until your "tour" is over and you and Bernie can hold hands and ride off in to the sunset. :clap: :punk:

In Topic: 2019 state tournament

07 April 2019 - 10:08 PM

View PostMCguy, on 20 March 2019 - 08:51 PM, said:

Last year 12 games: $144
This year 12 games: $144

Misleading much?

It's his standard M.O. MCguy. Spin and twist, twist and spin, all while continuing to pound on his raging Woodrow toward the OHSAA.

In Topic: 2019 OHSAA Boy's Basketball State Tournament Attendance

07 April 2019 - 10:03 PM

View Postwaterloowonder, on 25 March 2019 - 08:14 AM, said:

It is certainly a different animal these days. I have been going to the State Tourn. for 50 years. The prices and venue have very little to do with dropping attendance. 50 years ago the arena was filled up with coaches, athletic directors, and school administrators. The general public could not even get in unless you were with a team playing. Today, hardly any school officials attend other than coaches. I am not in favor of moving the tournament back to St. John's Arena. The Schott is just fine, better parking, nicer arena, suites, just all round better. Just like I can't forget when John Cooper coached OSU football, I remember having to deal with rotten scalpers to get into St. John's. I agree, the glorified AAU teams playing mainly in D3 and bringing 75 fans to their games, along with the rough play, have ruined HS basketball. The public schools don't even bring as many fans as they used to. Berlin Hiland had a very disappointing crowd. St. Henry, Crestview, Olentangy Liberty, Sheridan, Columbus South, Trotwood all brought nice crowds. Parents and society in general have de-emphasized HS sports. Lots of parents push their kids into sporting activities at a very young age and the kids become burned out by the time they get to HS, or they quit because daddy can't control their playing time anymore. It is a lot easier to quit that to compete, and parents are promoting that. I don't have an answer how this can be turned around, because there is an ever increasing number of real crazy and mentally ill people out there these days.

If Rocketma'am would ever be afforded an audience with Jerry Snodgrass, he would hear THIS directly from his mouth. Most schools have moved away from allowing staff from taking Thursday and Friday as "professional days." Let along, paying for the days "off" or buying the tickets......all of which was commonplace 10-20 years ago, The "Golden Goose" is dead. Society changed while we were in chat rooms, it went to Twatter, Snackchat, and FakeBook........Most folks just don't care any longer to attend the games when they can watch, casually, with next to no expenses/hassles. The OHSAA is recouping most of the lost ticket sales in t.v. money, so it's basically a wash for them, but it IS a bad look to play in an arena that's 1/3 full.